Howdy Trigger-Happy Warriors, 

We are always on the hunt for hot talent.

We are an equal opportunity clan.
We don't play favorites.

In fact, we toss away non-essential personnel.

Every target is fair game.
We aim to please.

We take no prisoners.
We shoot them all!

Action speaks volumes.


Commander Dorky Duck

World of Tanks


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We are not organized to operate the Galactic Warrior Empire as a daily business.

Galactic Warrior Empire was organized to attract like-minded people in a constructive, but playful environment.

Galactic Warrior Empire is an amateur website. All of our projects, blogs, and websites are subject to revisions and improvements as time permits.

Our primary purpose is to disseminate the flow of gamer information. Help us spread the word about the global freedom movement. Let's do this together.

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