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As time progresses, additional material, updates, and corrections will be made.

If you Suck, You Die!

e-Games and e-Sports are shifting into highly-detailed online gaming. Similar to the upcoming online thriller Star Citizen, if you don’t read all the material, there is a disadvantage when competing against the ones that did take the time to slowly digest the material. If you can recall, it's just like studying hard while in school. Pay to play.

As the Spacetime Continuum progresses, we plan to party in the following order of MMOs:

  1. Overwatch
  2. Counterstrike - Global Offensive CS:GO
  3. Battlefield V
  4. World of Warships WOWS
  5. Player of Unknown Battlegrounds PUBG
  6. World of Tanks WOT
  7. Rift


After you have participated with us at the e-Games level, and we notice, apply for membership.

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We are possessed with intense desires and lust in our hearts to select talented Online Gamers to form winning teams. We are currently recruiting amateur players who are disciplined and focused to practice for qualification into the professional leagues.

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